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Jan 7, 2018

“I believe in a fiscally conservative approach that delivers results to taxpayers and keeps criminals off the street. “

The pace at which our community is growing is comparable to almost no other county in Texas!  And with this growth, comes new challenges.  Since 2011, we’ve had a 61% increase in the number of felony charges. And while I’ve only added one felony attorney to my staff, my office maintains one the highest conviction rates in the State of Texas. I’ll keep working hard to keep our families safe and watch out for Comal County taxpayer.

I believe in a fiscally conservative approach to budgeting that prepares our community for the remarkable growth our county is experiencing. When submitting my budget request to the County Judge and Commissioners Court it is based on the following philosophies:

  1. My first priority is to the taxpayers and my goal is to maintain a conservative budget without sacrificing the quality of our work.
  2. Solid data and well-established growth trends (e.g. case intake, growth studies, internal case disposition tracking, salary surveys). Before making budget decisions, I let trends establish themselves to ensure that I am not adding positions or increasing resources until they are truly needed.
  3. My County deserves the Best Legal Representation and my budget includes salaries that enable me to retain and recruit top talent to represent our community.

The following is a summary of my budgets and staffing since taking office in 2011 and submitting my first budget for 2012.

Budget Overview

(Source: Comal County Auditor)

*Includes $170,221.01 of grant funding that county taxpayers did not have to fund. Without this, the budget would be $3,329,346.99 which is only a 48% increase.

Case Intake and Staffing

The pace at which our community is growing is comparable to almost no other county in Texas, and with this growth, our community is being challenged in new ways. We have seen an increase in the number of criminal cases we handle.

  1. My first year in office we filed 993 felony charges, but in 2017 we filed 1,607 felony charges – a 61% increase.
  2. In 2011, I had four felony attorneys and in 2018 have five felony attorneys including the supervising Chief Felony Prosecutor.
  3. My office maintains one of the highest conviction rates and lowest dismissal rates for the State of Texas.