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“I believe in a fiscally conservative approach that delivers results to taxpayers and keeps criminals off the street.“

The pace at which our community is growing is comparable to almost no other county in Texas!  And with this growth, comes new challenges.  Since 2011, we’ve had a 61% increase in the number of felony charges. And while I’ve only added one felony attorney to my staff, my office maintains one the highest conviction rates in the State of Texas. I’ll keep working hard to keep our families safe and watch out for Comal County taxpayer.

Budget FACTS:

  1. Jennifer is a fiscal conservative; her first budget was submitted 2012 and her office budget has increased in proportion with other county offices.
  2. Her budget prepares us for the explosive growth we are experiencing in a fiscally conservative way.
  3. Budgets were reviewed and unanimously approved by the County Judge and all four County Commissioners. Jennifer has never gone over budget.

(Source: Comal County Auditor)

*Budget includes $170,221.01 of grant funding that taxpayers did not have to fund. Without this, the budget would be $3,329,346.99 which is only a 48% increase!


Office Performance FACTS:

Conviction Rates and Dismissal Rates in 2016

  1. At 75%, Jennifer has one of the highest felony conviction rates in the State of Texas. Criminals know this and fear Comal County!
  2. At 6%, Jennifer has one of the lowest dismissal rates in the State of Texas. Her high standard for her office keeps dangerous criminals off the streets and holds them accountable to their victims.

(Source: Office of Court Administration)

Office Efficiency

  1. Felony filings have increased 62% since 2011.
  2. Felony workload per attorney has increased 29% since 2011.
  3. Her office is doing more with less and continues to improve efficiency while keeping our community safe.


Jail Capacity FACTS:

  1. Comal County has 45% less jail capacity than the average for similarly sized counties.
  2. The jail was expanded in 1998 to house 337 inmates. Since then our population has increased from 72,954 to 134,788 and we haven’t increased the number of beds.

(Source: Texas Commission on Jail Standards)

Jail Timeline

1983 Jail was built to hold 144 inmates (population 40,875; Source: US Census Bureau)

1998 Jail was expanded to house 337 (population 72,954; Source: US Census Bureau)

2016 Jail still only houses 337 (population 134,788; Source: US Census Bureau)

2010 Comal County added bond supervision officers to help reduce the overcrowding

2011 Comal County jail reached capacity and started housing inmates in Guadalupe County

2011 Commissioners Court study showing “600 beds needed based on population”

2014 Commissioners Court purchased land to build a new jail

2014 Commissioners Court adopted the facilities plan to build a new jail

2015 Comal County voters approved the bond for a jail to house 589 inmates

2017 Comal County began construction on the new jail to house 589 inmates